at the beginning of the week Nike teased an exciting collaboration between epic games“Fortnite and its .Swoosh Web3 platform. At the time we were guessing what that meant, but now it’s officially launched and we can tell you all the interesting details.

First, despite its connection to the .SWOOSH ecosystem, the “Airphoria” experience does not contain the NFT elements that would be expected. Instead, it features Fornite’s own brand of digital assets that are non-transferable between players and not connected to the blockchain. Effectively ensuring that new developments do not infringe on Fortnite’s existing revenue streams.

Through this experience, gamers can enter the next world. A Nike-themed wonderland Built using “Unreal Engine for Fortnite (UEFN)” in collaboration with development studio Beyond Creative. In it, players must embark on a mission to retrieve the coveted ‘Air Max Grails’ and receive the ‘Air Max ’86 Back bling’ as compensation for their troubles.

“The relationship between Fortnite and Nike does not integrate NFTs or digital item trading marketplaces into the Fortnite world or economy. Items recognized in these two ecosystems are purely for the enjoyment of the purchaser. and, as always in the Fortnite economy, cannot be traded, transferred or sold.” – Epic Games

What does .SWOOSH have to do with Nike’s Fortnite collaboration?

Despite not including NFTs in the project, Nike’s .SWOOSH platform still has a role to play in the Fortnite collaboration. As a result, users who have linked both their Epic Games and .SWOOSH accounts will receive special untradeable achievements on the .SWOOSH platform. This achievement will effectively act as a whitelist for future Air Max virtual collections. Additionally, those who purchase Airphoria his pack within the Fortnite environment can claim additional achievements that are purely cosmetic.

While Nike and Epic Games didn’t get around to including NFTs in their collaboration, it does signal a shift in sentiment that the Web3 company has a role to play in the future of video games.

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