Many leading brands are leveraging NFTs to increase customer engagement, and Nike is at the forefront of this incredible paradigm shift. A typical example of the current use of non-fungible tokens to create exclusivity and reward customer loyalty is: Nike We plan to deliver a physical version of the Air Force 1 NFT sneaker.

NFTs are RTKFT, Digital art studio acquired by Nike in 2021. Renowned digital his artist Takashi Murakami spearheaded the project and came up with the unique designs that make up the Air Force 1 NFT collection. Now, the sportswear giant is aiming to utilize a physical version of these sneaker NFTs. However, only owners of his NFT in Partner will get the chance to purchase the exclusive physical version.

How to get a physical Nike Air Force 1 sneaker

That said, there will be a forging event on RTFKT’s website from April 24th to May 8th.

A statement from the website reads: “Step into the future with the Air Force 1 collection from RTFKT and Nike: featuring exclusive designs by Tashi Murakami.

Fans who might be interested in the physical version should therefore get their hands on the tokens that make up the Air Force 1 NFT collection.

“Since the RTFKT x Nike Air Force 1 Digital Collectible has already been forged at a fixed price, owners will only have to pay gas fees for transactions during the forge event. If you do not currently own a digital collection of collectibles, you will need to purchase an OpenSea pair or another secondary marketplace to qualify for the Forging event.”

The sneakers come in 10 different colors called Genesis, Murakami Drip, Human, Robot, Demon, Angel, Reptile, Undead, Murakami DNA, and Alien.

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