Entrepreneur and modern day treasure hunter Nicole Steele combines the timeless brilliance of diamond artistry with Web3 technology to engage more women into the shining world of blockchain. Her plush cuffs “SmrtKuff” apple Clocking and authentication are done by NFT.

The SmrtKuff is a work of art and can be purchased for the affordable price of $290. Each item tells a story through soft and durable leathers, iconic French tanneries and exotic hides. The top-end cuff, worn over Apple’s smartwatch to keep messages confidential, is fashioned with 400 VVS diamonds and a magnificent 2.5 carats of his. Handcrafted in our renowned Parisian ateliers, these state-of-the-art fashion pieces take a whopping 136 hours to perfection.

Further stealing the glitz of these smartwatch accessories, aptly named “diamonds on the chain,” is an integrated NFC chip that opens up a world of virtual glamour. With a quick tap, users can pop a Polygon NFT-protected digital ID from their cuff, ensuring traceability and sustainability.

Nicole Steele adorns gorgeous cuffs with diamonds and NFTs

Steel Blockchain Products Shine

Steel’s diamond-encrusted spectacle on the blockchain doesn’t stop there. Another of her gems from her native Web3 brand includes limited edition bags. Priced at just under $10,000 each, these fashion statements represent luxury from every angle. Like her SmrtKuff counterparts, these also integrate her NFC chip. However, the crown jewel of such a bag is another NFT that gives its owner some digital grandeur.

Steel embeds NFTs into luxury cufflinks, bags and more, inviting everyone to join and witness the rare sight of innovation at the intersection of luxury fashion and blockchain. Her radiant talent illuminates both areas.

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