As interest in PFP NFT collections continues to wane, the NFT gaming market continues to dominate. To emphasize this point, mythical game The number of downloads of the soccer-themed “” exceeded 1 million.NFL rival‘ title.

This big milestone is all the more amazing considering it made its mobile debut on Google Play and Appstore just two months ago. Mythical Games attributes this success to engaging gameplay and a seamless onboarding process. Effectively focusing on the player first and his NFT second facilitated an environment in which everyone can participate regardless of Web3 literacy.

But this impressive number doesn’t stop there. Once downloaded, players will be addicted to the game. To date, he has over 15 million games played and this free-to-play game has earned him a 4.8/5 rating based on over 22,000 reviews.

NFL Rival Team Seeks to Break 1 Million Downloads

According to a Mythical Games spokesperson, most new players to the gaming environment are not even aware of the existence of the NFT component, even though everyone receives a cryptocurrency wallet by default. Of these, only about 10% have ever interacted with the NFT Marketplace.

“What we’re seeing is that even if players aren’t familiar with Web3 concepts, they’ll join as soon as they join.” – John Linden – CEO, Mythical Games

Mythical Games Solidifies Position as Web3 Gaming Powerhouse

Mythical Games has emerged as one of the leading performers in the Web3 games market. His three standout titles come in the form of the anarchic Blancos Block Party, the gasoline-fueled Nitro His Nation Racing, and the rapidly expanding NFL Rivals. As a result, we came up with the perfect recipe for success in the burgeoning NFT gaming environment.

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