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Shiba Memu, a new dog-themed meme coin, reported strong demand for its presale, raising almost $800,000 in just nine days. A total of $798,000 worth of SHMU tokens have been purchased so far, prior to the launch of the official Memecoin exchange.

The project focuses on combining AI and advanced memetics to create tokens that can sell themselves. During the 8-week pre-sale, the token will increase in price every 24 hours before finally being launched on multiple exchanges. SHMU tokens are currently available for purchase at: Official website.

Shibamemu It aims to become a top dog and ultimately a cryptocurrency marketing powerhouse by using AI to generate its own marketing and perform the work of multiple agencies in real time. On the first day of the presale, he launched the coin at $0.011125 and increased in value by $0.000225 every day until launch.

From day 1 to day 9, SHMU token cost increased by 16.18%. After that, a 41% price increase is planned by the 21st day, and at the end of the presale on the 60th day, the SHMU token price will be 119.3% higher than the original launch price.

Shiba Memu’s roadmap focuses on harnessing the power of AI technology to disrupt traditional markets. Its AI learns from successful marketing strategies, creates its own PR, and promotes itself across relevant forums and social networks. Shiba Memu can generate content based on data continuously analyzed by AI and publish it on multiple online platforms. We then monitor and analyze the success of our marketing efforts, adjust accordingly, and continuously learn and improve our content to further optimize our results.

Platform automation takes humans out of your content marketing efforts, reducing delays and eliminating time-consuming tasks. That also means Shiba Memu is surprisingly low maintenance, just like a real dog.

Shiba Memu is endorsed by CertiK, a top-level blockchain auditor, which allows investors to review the project’s code and specifications, ensure that the Shiba Memu team has passed the KYC process, and ensure that the project strengthens the legitimacy of SHMU token holders can also stake their coins to earn additional earnings SHMU token. Shiba Memu has his utility built-in natively, making it a potential long-term holding for meme-his fans and cryptocurrency enthusiasts alike.

About Shibamemu

(SHMU) is a new dog-based crypto-meme coin that uses AI to market itself and support platforms that generate hype among online communities. This creates your own selfie marketing meme. This technology will see even more widespread adoption in the blockchain space in the coming years, cementing Shiba Memu’s position as a true pioneer. The cutting-edge AI technology behind this project reveals true innovation in the memecoin space, giving small businesses access to powerful marketing solutions that can both reduce costs and give them a competitive edge. I promise.

Learn more about this impressive AI-powered dog meme at Official website.

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