nba top shot, the industry’s leading sports NFT platform, plans to launch a series of applications that will allow fans to more efficiently engage with the service via mobile devices. This is according to his February 16th announcement. This is a necessary step as the platform receives up to 75% of its traffic via the mobile web, according to Jennifer Van Dijk, senior vice president of sports partnerships at Dapper Labs. However, it is difficult to purchase and process her NFTs on mobile browsers.

Dapper Labs is the creator of the Flow blockchain, the parent platform of NBA Top Shot, NFL All Day and UFC Strike. By choosing to introduce a mobile app for both Android and iOS users, the company is taking the first step in its transformation into a mobile-first Web3 company.

Speaking to the press, Van Dijk said:

“The NBA Top Shots app will be the start of the transition to becoming a mobile-first enterprise.” So, with this move, Dapper is “leading the way in what mobile looks like on Web3, and bringing everyone to Web3.” We can continue on our path of wanting to migrate.

What can users expect from the NBA Top Shots app?

Initially, the app’s functionality is limited. Users can view her NBA Top Shots NFT collection on their own, get notified of drops, buy NFT Moments starter his packs, and see her activity on the platform. However, more features will be added over time.

This is welcome news for Web3 enthusiasts, but I have a few questions. Many are wondering how Dapper Labs plans to avoid the expected reduction in NFT sales in the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. For example, Apple is demanding a 30% reduction in his mobile, making primary sales to his users more expensive.

Van Dijk said Dapper is aware of the predicament and is working closely with Apple and Google to find an amicable solution.

“When we offer a price, it includes everything we retrieve or manage on the back end, and the consumer gets the price.” she adds “We are also working to keep it affordable and accessible for fans.”

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