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Narwhal Finance closing the strategic round of funding at $25M valuation

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Denmark, Copenhagen, 20 May 2023, Chainwire

narwhal financea decentralized dual-chain perpetual trading platform operating on both Arbitrum and BNB Chain, has announced the completion of a strategic funding round at a valuation of $25 million.

With deep gratitude to Animoca Ventures, Hailstone Ventures and all our angel investors for their support, Narwhal Finance will use the raised funds to further enhance its social trading experience on its platform, making it accessible to all. We provide an outstanding decentralized leveraged trading experience.

Meanwhile, Narwhal Finance has announced partnerships with Pyth Network for oracle services and Wormhole for token bridging services, demonstrating its commitment to growth and innovation.

About Ikkaku Finance

narwhal finance Facilitate leveraged trading of any asset on-chain with synthetic assets with up to 1000x leverage. Next-generation trading engine simulates liquidity from top centralized exchanges to ensure competitive rates. Traders maintain full control of their funds at all times, and liquidity providers earn real yields in USDT from protocol revenues and fees as counterparties.

Trading on Narwhal Finance is further enhanced by social features, from token forums to copy trading vaults to livestreams. The platform aims to create a comprehensive social platform to engage novice and sophisticated traders, offer them various monetization options, and build a community of loyal traders.

If you would like to learn more about the latest developments in Narwhal Finance, please visit:

Official website | twitter | Moderate | telegram


narwhal marketing, [email protected]

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