Upland, a leading Web3 metaverse superapp, and Nowhere, a virtual gathering platform designed to transform digital socialization, have entered into a partnership. This collaboration aims to embody the revolutionary concept of a ‘café’, thereby marking a major step towards realizing Upland’s vision of becoming the largest and most active metaverse hub. increase.

highlands has already carved out its own niche in the Metaverse, providing a platform for users, creators, developers and brands to create games, products and experiences. This collaboration with Nowhere will facilitate an immersive space for players to interact, present, play games and view 3D avatars without leaving his Upland ecosystem.

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Features and Experiences of Metaventure Cafe

through the integration of out of nowhere platform, users get a new way to engage and monetize within Upland: the Metaventure Cafe. These social spaces are location-based and promise a richer user experience.

Upland co-founder and co-CEO Idan Zuckerman was enthusiastic about his thoughts on the development. With this innovation, we are deepening the opportunity for our community and brand partners to offer full 3D immersion, solidifying the Metaverse’s leadership position. Cafes are just the beginning. ”

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Building the Future of the Metaverse

Upland’s cafés are unique in that they are established on premises that are geographically connected to the real-world Upland map. The user can admire local in-game streets, neighborhoods, and city views full of structures, map his assets, structure ornaments, and cars.

Members of the Upland community can enter the café with their avatar and express themselves using digital wearables drawn from a diverse library of designs from Upland’s many brand partners.

John Morris, NOWHERE co-founder and CEO, commented on his excitement about the venture. This is a metaverse milestone. Players interact with people from all over the world within an immersive café, viewing a player-generated virtual city mapped onto the real world. We hope this will strengthen our community and look forward to the exciting opportunities that this partnership will bring. ”

With NOWHERE’s advanced 3D technology at their disposal, players will soon be able to build, customize, and operate their own global metaventures. The combination of Upland’s virtual real estate game and NOWHERE’s visually striking virtual world platform will make Upland and NOWHERE the most active his Web3 metaverse in the world.

The burgeoning metaverse is changing how we interact with and perceive the digital world. The Upland and Nowhere partnership demonstrates the transformative potential of immersive 3D experiences. The team invites all his Uplanders to join the new “Cafe” feature via iOS and Android. mobile app And even on the web.

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