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Metacade price prediction for June: buy the MCADE dip

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  • Metacade prices have rebounded slightly over the past few days.

  • This token will have a number of catalysts coming in the next few days.

  • A break-and-retest pattern could lead to a rally to the key point of $0.30.

Metacade After dropping to $0.01592 in June this year, the price started to turn. MCADE climbed to a high of $0.028 on Thursday, its highest since May 10. The price was about 65% above its lowest level this year.

MCADE Bullish Catalyst

Metacade, a fast-growing new cryptocurrency, continued its rally as buyers turned to internal and macrocatalysts. Overall, the biggest trigger for this token was debt ceiling. The bill would cap US spending and take fiscal measures to reduce the deficit.

Economists believe the U.S. would have defaulted had it not passed the deal by June 5. That would be an unprecedented move as the prices of most assets, including cryptocurrencies such as Metacade and Bitcoin, would drop significantly.

Internally, Metacade’s price has skyrocketed due to some key catalysts within the network. First, the developer plans to release a lite version of the game soon. This announcement will be the first time people know what the company is working on. Most of the time, cryptocurrencies rise ahead of major product launches.

Next, Metacade launches Metaseries on Thursday. This will be a video series where developers talk about their products and what they do. Video series like this are important because they inform more people about your product.

The developer, meanwhile, won the fifth prize in the $125,000 contest. Joaquín Solari was fifth in the ongoing contest with $125,000. Contests like this help give more impetus to crypto projects.

Is MCADE a good investment?

Metacade has come a long way in the last few months. as a result, Etherscan Data suggests that the number of holders has soared to over 9,250 and will soon reach 10,000. Metacade is a relatively new project, so this is an experience that can be redone.

Metacade developers are changing the blockchain industry by creating games that people want to play. Play-to-Earn games are developed in collaboration with Metastudio, one of his leading developers.

according to Metacade Creators are building their ecosystem using lessons learned from first generation game projects like Axie Infinity and Decentraland.

I think Metacade is a good investment, but that depends on the quality of the games the developer releases. If the game goes well as expected, there is a possibility that the token price will continue to rise.

Metacade Price Prediction

The chart above shows that MCADE price has been in a strong bullish trend for the past few days. It managed to break above key resistance at $0.024, the May 17 high. This token is backed by his 50 period moving average.

Therefore, we suspect that a break to the $0.024 lows will soon form a break and retest pattern. This break and retest is usually a bullish sign in price movement analysis. Therefore, I expect the token to return to $0.030 within a few days.

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