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Metacade price bullish as the release of Apple’s new virtual reality headset nears

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  • The price of the Metaverse project’s native token has skyrocketed following the news of Apple’s entry into mixed reality.
  • Apple is expected to release its long-awaited mixed reality headset within the next few weeks.
  • This development has caused a further surge in Metaverse tokens, including Metacade’s MCADE token.

Metacad (MCADE) prices surged 20% today as the much-anticipated hype for Apple’s mixed reality headset.

Apple is expected to release a new mixed reality headset in the coming weeks, which some believe could be a breath of fresh air in the Metaverse industry.

What does the new mixed reality headset mean for Metacade?

When news first broke about Apple’s plans to release a mixed reality headset in January of this year, the price of native tokens for metaverse projects such as Decentraland and Sandbox skyrocketed.

After the bear market that has hit the entire cryptocurrency market in the past few weeks, the Metaverse token is surging again. Metacade is leading the surge today, rising 20.59%.

Metacade price daily chart

This trend was highlighted by independent developer Udi Wertheimer, who in his harsh comments pointed out the absurdity of influencer-driven memecoins, and that the same could be the case for the Metaverse token after the release of Apple headsets. said there is.

eToro market analyst Josh Gilbert echoed Woody Wertheimer’s view, saying in an interview with popular media outlets that new headsets are on the rise in the cryptocurrency market thanks to Apple’s high-quality, market-changing product. said he believed it was likely to set fire to

However, Gilbert raised some doubts that a successful launch is essential for a Metaverse-related cryptocurrency resurgence.

Correlation between Virtual Reality and Metaverse Tokens

The majority of cryptocurrency participants believe there is a great correlation between virtual reality and Metaverse tokens. That being said, only a few months old, Metacade has already started developing games on its platform after successfully completing the pre-sale and listing of its MCADE token on several popular crypto exchanges. It’s worth noting that Decentraland is currently in the process of being built. Unique his VR features.

A little history on the correlation between the Metaverse project and cryptocurrencies: Metaverse related cryptocurrencies such as MANA and SAND exploded in popularity during the 2021 Crypto Bull Run. Backed by a seemingly bottomless war of venture capital, several Metaverse projects have created groundbreaking immersive virtual worlds for users.

According to Gilbert, the performance of the Metaverse Token will depend on the widespread adoption of the Metaverse among everyday users.

In general, the Metaverse project has received a lot of support from gamers and game developers who are at the forefront of giving Metaverse tokens real-world utility. Nearly all new Metaverse projects and their native tokens have received tremendous response in the market.

Metacade, for example, has gotten quite a bit of attention since announcing its presale. First, the pre-sale sold out quickly. Second, Uniswap and popular centralized cryptocurrency exchanges such as BitMart and MEXC Global have already listed tokens that demonstrate the vast amount of cryptocurrency participants in the cryptocurrency community.

However, while the hype around the highly-anticipated Apple headset could cause significant price swings for MCADE, a fully immersive Metaverse experience won’t come until the iPhone’s first launch and Availability of apps fully integrated with the hardware.

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