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Metacade Prepares for Listing On Decentralized Crypto Exchanges. Here’s Why You Should Buy MCADE Tokens Now.

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Metacade (MCADE) continues to go from strength to strength after new news surfaced regarding the future development of the project. The MCADE ICO will take place shortly after the pre-sale is completed and the new altcoin gem will be listed on his Bitmart exchange and decentralized crypto exchange.

Bitmart exchange is a leading centralized exchange, so MCADE’s long-awaited listing is sure to create more buying pressure. Additionally, exposure to ICOs and decentralized crypto exchanges offers new ways to participate in the Metacade movement.

Metacade ICO: Bitmart Exchange Announcement and More Exciting News in the Pipeline

After successfully raising $10.9 million in funding just 16 weeks after the MCADE token pre-sale began, Metacade continues to make significant progress. The native tokens of the Metacade platform will be launched on decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges after the pre-sale, which is expected to increase awareness and demand for the new project.

The MCADE ICO is a highly anticipated token launch that has investors across Web3 becoming increasingly optimistic about Metacade’s future prospects. Not only will the MCADE token launch on the decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, Metacade also recently announced that it will be listed on the Bitmart Exchange, a centralized digital asset exchange.

The announcement of Bitmart Exchange is the result of a passionate and dedicated founding team driving the creation of a multi-faceted, community-driven GameFi platform. The platform’s strong fundamental properties mean that MCADE has the potential to make significant profits from current price levels.creating a lot of buzz around the MCADE ICO and centralized crypto exchange listings.

Can MCADE Reach $1.20 in 2023?

Listing on the Bitmart exchange expands the level of accessibility beyond the current pre-sale level, which has already generated millions of dollars worth of investment.

By all accounts, Metacade is just getting started in this space. It could grow to similar heights as other major blockchain games such as Axie Infinity and Decentraland, especially after being listed on a centralized platform, and could become a major project for GameFi.

In 2023, experts predict a price level of $1.20 for MCADE. The presale ends at $0.02, so this could represent a 60x price increase this year alone. Metacade is certainly making waves in the cryptosphere, as the platform’s widespread utility and rapid adoption rates are early signs of long-term growth.

What is Metacade?

Metacade It’s the first community-driven project of its kind. This is a Metaverse-based platform containing the largest arcade-style play-to-earn collection (P2E) games on the blockchain. Users will have access to a vast selection of online entertainment, each with integrated financial rewards that will make her Metacade stand out in the world of blockchain-based gaming.

Not only that, Metacade also aims to become the central community hub for all of Web3 after the ICO. The platform hosts a range of additional features and services, from GameFi alpha to blockchain trends to several variations of play-and-earn game mechanics.

How does Metacade work?

Metaverse Arcade supports both casual and competitive gameplay, empowering gamers to play how they want and earn money. Whether playing solo or participating in paid entry tournaments, Metacade offers gamers a wide range of opportunities to earn cryptocurrency rewards while playing the hottest arcade games you can find online today. increase.

The Community Hub facilitates knowledge sharing through Metacade’s unique Create2Earn feature. This rewards users who contribute to the community in a variety of ways, such as posting game reviews, sharing alphas, and interacting with other users’ posts.

Metacade is also creating new jobs for blockchain enthusiasts through the Work2Earn mechanism. It connects both aspiring and established professionals with paid job opportunities in some of the world’s largest companies. Web3including some of Metacade’s partner projects.

Metacade directly drives the GameFi revolution

Metacade is changing the landscape of the entire GameFi industry thanks to its unique products. In addition to being the largest on-chain arcade, Metacade brings enormous revenue potential to the community of blockchain gamers.

The platform will also fund the next wave of blockchain innovation through its Metagrants program. Game developers submit game proposals to the platform, and her Metagrants are awarded to the most in-demand developments as the community votes to determine which new projects are the best.

By creating new blockchain jobs and funding the future of the blockchain gaming movement, Metacade will be directly involved in the GameFi revolution..

Is MCADE Worth Buying?

The MCADE token pre-sale is a great opportunity to participate in high-potential crypto projects in the early stages of investment. The value of MCADE is expected to skyrocket after the ICO due to increased exposure of MCADE on the Bitmart exchange and decentralized crypto exchanges.

Currently, MCADE is priced at just $0.0185. Early-stage crypto investors can potentially benefit greatly from this level, so it can be a great way to diversify their investment portfolio. Metacade is in the spotlight ahead of the ICO as price action could be exciting due to increased volume.

You can participate in the Metacade presale here.

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