Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, has announced a voice-generating AI model called Voicebox. June 16th.

The company said Voicebox can generate speech from text, and said the model can match voice styles based on samples that are only two seconds long.

Voicebox can also convert a text sample into another language, and given another audio sample, it can read the translated text in the speaker’s original voice. This feature supports her six languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Polish, and Portuguese.

AI models can further edit existing recordings to remove background noise. More generally, you can create modeled speech based on different speech samples.

Voicebox is for different users

Meta said Voicebox and other similar AI models could potentially give realistic voices to virtual assistants and non-player characters in the Metaverse. The tool could also be useful for content creators and users with accessibility needs, the company said.

Meta said Voicebox is currently a research project. No word yet on when this feature will be available to the public, but a demo video is available.

Meta announced several consumer AI tools in early June, unveiled details of its AI chip in May, and discussed internal AI applications on an investor conference call in April.

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