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Meta announces generative AI-powered product suite for ads

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Meta has unveiled a suite of AI-powered advertising tools, reports Reuters May 11th.

AI sandbox

Meta, which owns Facebook and Instagram, unveiled a suite of products called AI Sandbox during an event in New York.

A new set of tools uses generative AI (AI that can create content) to generate text and images for online advertising.

This feature is currently available to a small but unspecified number of advertisers. Other advertisers will also be able to access the tool in July, and some of the functionality could be added to other advertising products by the end of 2023, Mehta said.

Meta does not publicize its AI sandbox, blog post The website details other advertising-related AI developments.

In the post, the company said it uses another tool called Meta Lattice to improve ad performance, and said it will “further iterate” on that tool.

Meta to strengthen AI efforts

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg hinted at advertising alongside other uses for AI during its April earnings call.

During the call, Zuckerberg also hinted that Facebook may or is currently using AI for things like content discovery and customer support.

The company also drew attention when Facebook’s LLaMA language model was leaked to the public in March. According to his Google Engineer statement earlier this month, the code leak has greatly benefited the open source community.

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An article announcing Meta’s suite of products powered by generative AI for advertising first appeared on CryptoSlate.

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