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MCADE price prediction ahead of the Metacade Lite launch

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  • The Metacade community is counting days to the long-awaited launch of Metacade Lite.
  • MCADE pricing is starting to respond to the hype about the upcoming Metacade Lite launch.
  • At the time of writing, MCADE is trading at $0.02229, up 5.44% over the past 24 hours.

Metacade is preparing a Metacade Lite version for general availability soon, details of which can be found in recent news. AMA Held May 24, 2023.

As Metacade’s CEO embarks on the AMA to explain the current state of the project, it’s important to point out that the project has achieved all the milestones set for the Q1 2023 roadmap. The team is currently working to achieve the following goals: The quarter also includes the launch of his Create2Earn platform, which allows users to sample the innovative gaming experiences delivered by Metacade’s unique Play-to-Earn (P2E) approach.

What is Metacade and what does it offer?

Metacade is a blockchain game platform aiming to be the largest Web3 game arcade.

At its core, Metacade is to provide gamers, investors and developers with access to a decentralized gaming hub with the largest collection of various Play-to-Earn (P2E) arcade games. We also plan to enable the integration of multiple revenue mechanisms for ecosystem players.

The platform also has a utility ERC-20 token, the MCADE token, used to pay rewards within the ecosystem and allow platform users to access services and opportunities such as staking and DeFi. In the future, according to the project roadmap, MCADE holders will play an important role in the operation of the project by obtaining voting rights on governance proposals.

How long will MCADE sustain its current bullish trend?

The cryptocurrency market is expected to enter a new bull cycle after a severe bear market, with MCADE likely to lead the way within the GameFi and Web3 ecosystems. Apparently, the cryptocurrency market is experiencing a short-lived bearish rebound after a very impressive market recovery this year, with the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum recovering 70% and 55%, respectively.

Recent developments such as the recent debut of Axie Infinity on the Apple App Store and the reaffirmation of Japan-based gaming giant Square Enix’s commitment to blockchain and Web3 gaming are fueling new GameFi demand and adoption. It may help promote

In addition to development within the GameFi space, the MCADE token could also benefit from the Metagrants program, which encourages developers to create and deploy more games on the platform. However, MCADE’s future also depends on whether macro headwinds such as inflation ease to help the cryptocurrency market grow.

Bloomberg Intelligence’s Jamie Douglas recently said that if just 1% of the global bond market value shifted to Bitcoin, the price could jump to $18,000.

Considering all this, including the upcoming launch of Metacade Lite, which is likely to spur increased interest in Metacade and its native token, MCADE price could maintain its current bull run, reaching $0.045 by the end of the month. predicted to have potential.

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