The partnership between MarketAcross and Chainlink Labs underscores their shared goal of providing blockchain companies with the resources and assistance they need to succeed in a competitive marketplace.

Market AcrossAnnounced a channel partnership with Chainlink Labs, a renowned PR and content marketing solution for blockchain startups. This collaboration represents an exciting step forward for both Web 3.0 organizations and will provide immense value to startups participating in Web 3.0. chain link build program.

According to the update, participating startups will be able to leverage MarketAcross’ expertise in multiple marketing disciplines to access a range of services including PR, content marketing, brand reputation management, social promotion, SEO and community building. It is said that it will be

MarketAcross and Chainlink Partnership Addresses Key Challenges

As the blockchain industry continues to evolve and gain mainstream recognition, the need for effective marketing and public relations solutions has become paramount.

One of the key challenges faced by startups in the blockchain industry is building awareness and reaching target audiences. Recognizing this challenge, the strategic channel partnership between MarketAcross and Chainlink Labs becomes even more important.

In particular, MarketAcross has established itself as a trusted partner in the marketing activities of the world’s largest blockchain projects. Having contributed to the growth and expansion of well-known companies such as Binance, Polkadot, Solana, Huobi Global Ltd. and eToro, MarketAcross brings a wealth of experience and achievements.

MarketAcross’ extensive experience in PR and content marketing enables entrepreneurs to receive customized strategies and execution plans to maximize brand exposure. This collaboration will enable startups to effectively communicate their unique value proposition, thereby gaining credibility and attracting potential customers and investors.

Meanwhile, Chainlink Labs is the acclaimed developer of the Chainlink network, a decentralized oracle solution that connects smart contracts with real-world data. With its comprehensive suite of Web3 services, Chainlink has emerged as the go-to platform for developers and businesses looking for secure and reliable data connectivity.

The partnership between MarketAcross and Chainlink Labs underscores their shared goal of providing blockchain companies with the resources and assistance they need to succeed in a competitive marketplace. By combining knowledge and resources, these organizations hope to foster innovation, foster acceptance, and open the door for subsequent waves of blockchain disruptors.

Key Milestones in the Chainlink Build Program

The Chainlink BUILD program is an initiative launched by Chainlink Labs to support and nurture early-stage startups within the Chainlink ecosystem. As one of the leading Web3 services platforms, Chainlink aims to provide these startups with the resources, guidance and mentorship they need to accelerate their growth and development.

The program provides a structured framework to help startups build their projects and unlock the full potential of Web3 technologies. Chainlink BUILD program participants have access to a wide range of benefits and support, including technical resources, educational materials, networking opportunities, and business development assistance.

Overall, the collaboration between MarketAcross and Chainlink Labs is expected to bridge the gap between technological innovation and effective marketing strategies. This partnership enables startups participating in the Chainlink BUILD program to overcome marketing challenges and set themselves up for success.


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