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legendary investor Peter Lynch takes a side

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  • Peter Lynch has revealed that he does not own cryptocurrencies.
  • He adheres to a “buy what you know” investment strategy.
  • Lynch regrets not investing in Apple and Nvidia in recent years.

Bitcoin has significantly outperformed equities since the beginning of the year, but legendary investor Peter Lynch continues to favor equities.

Lynch does not own cryptocurrencies

On Tuesday, the vice chairman of Fidelity Management & Research confirmed that he was not exposed to cryptocurrencies.

Interestingly, Lynch is no stranger to the technology that powers the crypto space. Still, he told CNBC today,squawk box“:

I understand blockchain. i know how it works. But what happens to Bitcoin, I don’t know. I do not own Bitcoin or Ethercoin.

Lynch is staying away from BTC even though he knows total BTC supply will be cut half Next year – an event that usually translates into higher prices.

Lynch is adamant about ‘buying what you know’

Bitcoin is now back at the $27,000 level, but still above a critical support that suggests bullish sentiment remains.

But for years, Fidelity’s Peter Lynch has advised investors to “buy what you know.” For him, it means stocks. Explaining how to pick stocks and when to withdraw them, he said:

Company, look at the balance sheet. What is the reason for the high stock price? Stock prices go up as companies move from junk to semi-bad to good. When business gets great, get out.

Lynch today expressed regret that he has not invested in many big tech companies in recent years, including Apple and Nvidia.

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