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Layer 2 Blockchain gaming platform Myria’s native token is now live on OKX

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  • Myria’s native token, MYRIA, has been launched on the OKX exchange.

  • The total supply of tokens is 50 billion.

  • The team also announced the launch of a second major NFT airdrop for the Myria community.

MYRIA Launches on OKX Exchange

MYRIA, the native token of miria platform, was launched on the OKX cryptocurrency exchange. This is according to a press release shared with Coinjournal.

Myria is an L2 blockchain scaling solution on the Ethereum network. The platform leverages ZK rollup technology to provide players and developers with near-instantaneous transactions at speeds in excess of 9000 tps, zero gas fees for transactions, and free NFT minting.

According to the team, Myria already has over 250 third-party game projects running on its platform. In addition, Myria has over 1 million registered users and over 350,000 community members.

The launch of MYRIA on the OKX exchange is a major milestone in Myria’s milestones. MYRIA is an ERC-20 token with numerous use cases within the ecosystem, including governance, staking, protocol fees, node purchases, and in-game utilities.

Myria revealed that as the platform grows, there will be more use cases for MYRIA. While commenting on this latest cryptocurrency news, Myria Co-Founder and Head of Blockchain Brendan Duhamel said:

“The launch of our token is another step towards our goal of safely and effectively building and scaling innovative blockchain games. to make it easier for game studios to build Web3, this is what truly expands the ecosystem and our goal is to make it easier for both players and game studios to enter the Web3 space. That’s it.”

MYRIA has a token supply of 50 billion

The team revealed its tokennomics, stating that MYRIA has a supply of up to 50 billion tokens. Of this, ecosystem funds account for 40%, node rewards for 36%, project development for 19%, liquidity provision for 3%, and strategic reserves for the remaining 2%.

To celebrate the launch of MYRIA on OKX, community members will have the chance to participate in the Alliance Key NFT Airdrop. This is his second major NFT airdrop, providing gamers with in-game utility.

The team also revealed that its public node sale will begin on April 7, ushering the network into new realms of true decentralization.

OKX, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, recently Suspension of business in Canadaciting national regulatory challenges.

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