Cryptocurrency exchange Kraken said crypto slate It is not included in the current federal investigation into co-founder Jesse Powell, according to a July 7 press statement.

Powell is the subject of a federal investigation.

Powell is currently embroiled in a civil dispute with the Verge Center for the Arts, a nonprofit art gallery. This news was confirmed by crypto slate According to people familiar with the matter.

The controversy revolves around Mr. Powell’s allegations that Verge wrongfully removed Mr. Powell from its board of directors and accused him of unauthorized access to its email system after his dismissal. are doing.

The news was first reported by new york times.

The Kraken knows of the investigation’s existence.

A Kraken spokesperson confirmed. crypto slate The exchange said it was aware of the federal investigation.

“We understand that a federal investigation has been launched and a search warrant has been executed to gather further information regarding the barge incident.”

A Kraken spokesperson said in a press statement that the company is not involved in the ongoing investigation, nor is the investigation related to Mr. Powell’s former role with the exchange.

A spokesperson said:

“The U.S. Attorney advised us that the Kraken was not involved in any way in the investigation and that the investigation was not related to Jesse’s relationship with the Kraken.”

Powell is the co-founder of Kraken and served as the company’s CEO before transitioning to a non-executive role as chairman of the exchange’s board in April. Dave Ripley replaced Powell as CEO of Kraken.

It was CryptoSlate that first appeared that the Kraken’s Jesse Powell was under federal investigation, but the exchange was not involved.

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