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Delegated Proof-of-Stake Blockchain Calima has signed an agreement with ABO Digital, a private alternative financing group based in the Bahamas and Dubai. This significant partnership includes her US$10 million commitment to a French-based blockchain company. Kalima also announced details of the KLX token sale.

Kalima is a rapidly growing company that enables enterprises, developers, and start-ups to build Web3 enterprise and data governance applications focused on IoT (Internet of Things) data to solve real-world problems. ecosystem.

Kalima CEO André Legendre said: “The funding from ABO Digital marks an important milestone for Kalima, who plans to use this funding to further innovate and refine its IoT solutions, revolutionize the industry and drive digital transformation. Our partnership with Digital will enable Kalima to strengthen its IoT blockchain solutions for industrial companies and strengthen strategic partnerships within the IoT and blockchain ecosystem.”

ABO Digital CEO Amine Nedjai said: “Kalima’s innovative approach and expertise in Web3 enterprise applications are perfectly aligned with our commitment to driving technological advancements in enterprise blockchain solutions.”

The Karima team also announced a 24-hour private sale of KLX tokens on the Pink Sale. This event is tentatively he will be held on July 19th. KLX, a general-purpose utility token, can be used to pay for transactions and access blockchain services on the Kalima protocol.

To support the growth of the KLX token, Kalima Blockchain Governance made several proposals on July 10th. These include his KLX token bridging from Polygon to the Ethereum network and his 24-hour token sale proposal on Pinksale. After the completion of the private sale event, KLX will be available for trading on Uniswap, where the KLX-ETH pair will be established.

The main objective of the private sale with a hard cap of 300 ETH is to create a sufficiently deep liquidity pool on Uniswap. His Uniswap listing of the KLX token is scheduled for July 21st.

About Kalima

Calima is a low-power layer 1 blockchain for enterprise and IoT. It takes frameworks popularized by blockchains such as Cosmos and Polkadot to provide interconnected blockchains for decentralization and increased scalability. Kalima can be embedded in his IoT device which is very small and can run his AI inference at the edge of the network using native smart contracts.

About ABO Digital

ABO Digital is an investment firm that provides alternative financing solutions for cryptocurrency projects around the world. As part of the Alpha Blue Ocean Group, which has raised over $2 billion in publicly traded companies since its inception in 2017, ABO Digital brings institutional-level expertise and flexible financing solutions to blockchain worldwide. Provided to developers.


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