metafightA web3 game that lets players manage gyms and train MMA fighters, UFC heavyweight number one contender Cyril Gaine has joined the board ahead of his landmark fight with Jon Jones. announced that UFC 285 for the vacant heavyweight title.

Metafight NFT Card Game

The game has a variety of cards such as Gym Cards, Trainer Cards, Fighter Cards, and Bonus Cards, allowing players to customize grappling, wrestling, strikes, and more according to their preferences. This game is available on both mobile and desktop devices.

MetaFight runs on Immutable X Layer 2, delivering faster transaction speeds, lower fees, and better security. Players can earn a variety of rewards, from NFTs to cryptocurrencies and points, by participating in matches and leagues. The game also allows the player to trade cards with other players and bid on high value cards in his Marketplace auction.

Additionally, each fighter’s data is sourced from a real-world MMA data provider, so real-world results influence the NFT cards.

Supporting Young Athletes

Gane explained that he joined MetaFight’s board because he has “always kept a close eye on new technology related to sports”. He further said he believes MetaFight’s “reward model will help young athletes further their sport.”

NFT cards are used to unlock rewards from various gyms, organizations and fighters as a form of fan membership.according to white paper, “Some leagues may have special rewards for a limited time: merchandising, sponsored products,[and] Invite to events. So, just as a musician is using his NFTs to help grow his fanbase, how MMA athletes and organizations can build a decentralized following untethered to centralized platforms. I got the

Speaking of Gein’s joining the board, MetaFight CEO Julia Mahé-Emsallem said Gein is “the closest we’ve come to understanding the challenges of great champions and helps us make the game as authentic as possible.” I will,’ he commented.

The alpha release of MetaFight is dApps.

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