Known for his famous paint-splattered studio floors in East Hampton, New York, Jackson Pollock’s groundbreaking artistry is beginning to leap into NFT territory. Artwork created by splattering and dripping paint onto a blank canvas, the resulting collection will converge on the floor of Jackson Pollock Studios for Beyond the Edge on July 20. It will be shown with a symbolic NFT drop suitable for calling.

Combining an artistic endeavor with a blockchain platform symbolicthe collection consists of four different perspectives on the floor of Pollock’s studio, displaying colors and marks inspired by other pieces in his work and providing an interesting insight into Pollock’s artistic process. will be

Additionally, AI and specialized camera equipment are used to create high-resolution images that are more precise and emphasize intricate details than the naked eye can perceive, providing an immersive experience for audiences.

Secure a part of Pollock’s creative process

Collectors who purchase Beyond the Edge NFTs will receive digital artwork and hand-numbered, museum-quality printed editions. Each angle will be available in a limited edition of 100 pieces, priced at $1,500 (0.8 ETH) each. This is the proceeds from a sale aid towards the preservation of Jackson Pollock Studios.

Alongside this iconic NFT drop is a Web3 puzzle feature named “The Pollock Enigma” that rewards digital and tangible winners who successfully crack it. In addition, the collection will be enhanced in his August to Ordinals, after which other contemporary digital artists will present limited-edition artwork as another part of Pollock’s artistic process.

By delivering these compelling artifacts on the blockchain, Jackson Pollock Studio expands its reach, allowing people to taste his creative legacy beyond the physical confines of Pollock’s artistic hub and see the results. I plan to save it as a .

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