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Jack Dorsey-Backed Bluesky Targets 1M Users at Launch as Twitter Wavers on Verification

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Bluesky allows users to use their domain name as a handle to achieve distributed verification and give users more control over their identities.

Bluesky, the social media platform created by former Twitter Inc boss Jack Dorsey, has garnered a lot of attention even before its official launch. Bluesky’s official Twitter account has over 252,000 followers and does not have a solid protocol for referrals to users. Nevertheless, according to data provided by Data.ai, the Bluesky application has been downloaded by an iPhone user over his 245,000 times.

After Musk acquired Twitter for a whopping $44 billion late last year, Dorsey stepped up his interest in Bluesky. Bluesky has since developed the AT protocol, a social networking technology. The Bluesky started making headlines after he hired former Zcash blockchain developer and contributor Jay Graber as CEO. In addition, this social he platform announced that in just two days, nearly 30,000 registrants have entered the waiting list.

Meanwhile, the social engineering protocol is accepting private beta invites and recently announced the release of its Android version.

Can Bluesky outperform Twitter?

Built as an alternative to Twitter, Bluesky is on a mission to disrupt the Musk-backed platform and attract Web3 enthusiasts. Twitter has over 200 million of his monetizable daily active users. The platform recently ditched the free blue check verification mark for about $8/month. The move has greatly disrupted the global Twitter community, which has struggled to separate fake and real accounts.

Additionally, media houses, journalists, artists, and other celebrities relied heavily on the attention and authenticity of Twitter’s free blue checkmarks. Without blue check verification, Twitter users would be forced to blindly search for accounts that represent public figures and hope that they are not impersonations.

“As long as others in the tech community still use Twitter, I will continue to browse Twitter as much as I can, but anything I read there should be viewed as an even bigger grain of salt than before, because We cannot easily verify that an account representing a public figure or news organization is actually from that person or institution.” I got it.

Bluesky, on the other hand, has come up with a unique way to ensure that only verified accounts run under prominent names. Bluesky, in particular, allows users to use domain names as handles to achieve decentralized verification and give users more control over their identities.

“Domain name handles help us determine which accounts are authentic based on the website with which they are associated. com” to verify that you are an official account,” explained Graber.

Interestingly, Bluesky allows users to keep the same domain handle even after switching services.


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