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Israel seized nearly 200 Binance accounts over terrorism links over two years

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According to Reuters, Israeli authorities have seized 190 Binance accounts linked to Islamic terrorist groups since 2021. May 4th.

According to Reuters, two of these accounts were linked to the Islamic State (ISIS) and almost all others were owned by three companies with ties to Hamas.

Reuters was unable to determine the total amount of cryptocurrency seized in these 190 accounts. However, Israel’s National Counterterrorism Financing Authority (NBCTF) revealed in April that it had seized cryptocurrency worth more than $137,000 from 80 Binance accounts belonging to the same three companies.

The NBCTF said the accounts belonged to a “terrorist organization.” However, a representative of one of the companies, Al-Mutahadun for Exchange, said the company does not use cryptocurrencies and only deals with fiat currencies.

Other reports from December Israel has indicated on other occasions that it has seized at least $33,500 and $750,000 of cryptocurrency from Hamas-linked cryptocurrency wallets.

Incidentally, US CFTC charges from March suggest that Binance executives knowingly discussed and allowed Hamas-related deals.

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