Meme coins and artificial intelligence are some of the hottest themes this year. New memes like Pepe and Keke. His token has grown from zero to a multi-million dollar cryptocurrency. Meanwhile, shares of AI companies like Nvidia and are up by double digits. Shiba Menu, a new memecoin at the intersection of memecoins and AI, has also raised over $449,000 in the past few days.

What is Shiba Menu?

Memecoin is a unique cryptocurrency that started booming in 2021. memecoin performance dogecoin, A proof-of-work coin touted by Elon Musk, the richest man on the planet. Since then, many memes of his token have appeared, the most popular being Shiba Inu, Floki Inu and Dogelon Mars.

Several memecoins have emerged this year, with Pepe and Keke being the most successful. Pepe has grown from scratch to a meme coin worth over $500 million. He created many millionaires in the process.

Shiba Menu (SHMU) is a new memecoin that seeks to capitalize on the continued success of memecoins and artificial intelligence. according to it, white paper, Shiba Menu is an AI-powered self-marketing cryptocurrency. Propose marketing strategies such as creating company PR using AI.

Unlike many other memecoins that have no meaningful utility, Shiba Menu develops its utility over time. For example, it will be the only meme coin that allows you to create your own marketing materials such as PR and multi-platform marketing materials.

A Potential Catalyst for Shiba Menu

There are three main potential catalysts for turf menus. First, cryptocurrencies are likely to perform well this year. This possibility will increase if Bitcoin manages to rise above the critical $31,200 resistance level. If this breakout happens, other tokens could rise as well.

as written in this article Analysts at Standard Chartered on Tuesday expect bitcoin to jump to $120,000. If that happens, other coins and tokens, including Shivamenus, could also rise.

Second, Shiba Menu could rise thanks to the memecoin hype. After the success of major tokens like Pepe and Shiba Inu, many traders are always looking for the next big thing. After raising over $400,000 in a few weeks, this token could generate hype.

Finally, Shiba Menu taps into two hype industries like AI and memecoins. Traders like such assets, as evidenced by the recent performance of major assets such as Nvidia.Shiba menu can be purchased from here Link.

Is the Shiba menu a bargain?

Investing in token presales and initial coin offerings (ICOs) is always risky and requires caution. So while I expect the turf menu to thrive, I advise caution. This means that only a small portion of your funds need to be invested in the token. By doing this, you can gain upward exposure while limiting your potential risk.

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