Our guest this week, Meiraj Haq, is not just a pro player in the crypto trade market, but he has also had a dynamic career path spanning public administration, filmmaking, and acting. In this episode, he shares his journey of entering the world of cryptocurrency and making millions. We also learn some industry insights, and Meiraj offers some tips for beginners.

00:00:00- Preview
00:01:35- Introduction
00:03:46- Rawalpindi in the 1980s
00:05:19- Academic Career of Meiraj Haq
00:08:56- All Experiments Conducted by Meiraj Haq to Earn Money
00:10:56- New York Film Academy and Pakistani Media
00:16:50- The Making of the Imran Khan Documentary
00:26:08- Imran Khan: Beyond the Public Eye
00:32:19- An Actor’s Life in Pakistan: Hassle or Hustle?
00:35:42- From $200 to $25,000 in a Month with Crypto
00:44:13- Crypto Trading With Billionaires
00:48:18- Acquiring a ‘Crypto’ Mindset
00:52:27- Navigating Through Crypto Signals
00:54:59- Simplifying Crypto for the Laymen
00:57:20- 2024 Crypto Market Forecast
00:59:48- Understanding the First Crypto Market Crash of 2024
01:00:58- The Crypto Guide to Retirement Savings
01:01:48- Cryptocurrency Prediction for 2025, 2026
01:02:58- Why Did Miraj Stop Making Podcasts
01:06:02- The Stark Reality of Influencer Culture
01:08:54- How is TCM Originals Reviving Damaged Digital Media of Pakistan?
01:10:51- Ending Remarks

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