Seconds May Fail Against Binance's Professor Alexander
  • Professor Carol Alexander says US SEC could lose to Binance.
  • She reiterated her need for cryptocurrencies in an interview with CNBC today.
  • Professor Alexander hopes the clarification of regulations will bring price stability.

It is also possible that the US Securities and Exchange Commission will fail its policy. lawsuit Professor Carol Alexander of the University of Essex says she opposes Binance.

Here’s Why The SEC Will Lose To Binance

Professor Alexander is not entirely sure whether the regulator has sufficient financial strength to challenge Binance, especially after spending extravagant funds on its ongoing battle with Binance. ripple.

I don’t know if the SEC will succeed. Binance has a lot of cash, but I’m not sure about SEC funding. After all, it is from a traditional financial company or corporation.

However, it is worth noting that Binance and its affiliate, Coinbase Global, suffered outflow losses of over $4 billion last week following an SEC lawsuit.

Binance Nigeria Limited was also ordered to suspend operations on Monday.

Professor Alexander Reiterates Need for Cryptocurrencies

Nevertheless, Professor Carol Alexander agreed that some cryptocurrencies could indeed be classified as securities. This is also what the SEC claims in its lawsuit against Coinbase.

CNBC’s “squawk box europe“She agreed that cryptocurrencies could facilitate financial fraud and fraud, but said:

We must have cryptocurrencies. There is no digital economy without blockchain. There can be no blockchain without cryptography. Therefore, it should be properly regulated. Then there will be very few bad players.

Professor Alexander also noted that the traditional financial environment is not completely free of fraudsters. She hopes that regulatory clarity will bring price stability to the broader crypto space.

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