In the last year it has become increasingly difficult to generate interest in the Web3 project or protocol.

Many once-promising projects have fallen into bear markets in their own way. However, those who have survived so far have one thing in common. It’s a span community.

Web3 marketing stands apart from Web2 in the importance of community building. Unsurprisingly, much of the discussion about how to dominate in 2023 revolves around it. However, part of every marketer’s toolbox, tactics and data analytics are still part of the game.

To discuss marketing at Web3, Footprint spoke with CEO Allison. Carat DAOLiudmyla, Brand Ambassador next world, Melissa from Violet Bathand Juanjieco-founder of the Web3 Academy DAO.

What to do when no one trusts you

After an endless list of failures and difficulties from 2022, one of Web3 marketing’s biggest challenges going forward is to regain trust. how?

“One of the biggest things we can do is be more transparent,” says Juanzie. According to him, all projects should be open, accountable and educational. “That way, we can distinguish between legitimate projects and those that have bad actors in their field. It’s my responsibility.”

Should I put “community” before “marketing”?

Web2 enterprise growth is usually driven first by marketing or products, but sometimes blockchain projects need to focus on the community first and foremost.

“Community and product go hand in hand,” says Melissa.She used KaratDAO as a particularly apt example of this, as the project is a product for creators as well as contacting publishers. [the community’s] Give feedback where appropriate and apply that feedback as well. No matter where your community is, join it at least once a week and once a quarter. ”

Last year, the cessation of communication with my community became a rug pulling warning bell. That is why communication in space has become so important.

“A lot of the projects were hit hard because there was no communication. It was literally radio silence.”

Web3’s hyperactive rhythm of communication, combined with a preference for Discord and Telegram over one-way channels like email, allows marketers to engage more deeply with their users than traditional tech companies. increase.

“One of the most important things is to create a cohesive and sustainable community. We all have the same views, perspectives and goals,” says Juanzie. “When you incentivize your community to be more active on your girlfriend’s Discord or whatever your platform is, you want to ensure that it’s a win-win for everyone. ”

How to grow a community of passionate members

It’s easy to recognize the importance of community in Web3, but getting a group of mostly anonymous strangers together to have a genuine passion for blockchain projects is not.

Where do Web3 marketers start?

Allison said it is important for KaratDAO to communicate the product and its value to the world. People will come to you excited about your vision.

“With the growth of our Discord group and Twitter, people are very excited and are looking forward to joining the community and helping us grow. It’s amazing to do,” she said.

“When they really like your project, they don’t even care if you get paid. They want to help you.”

Luidmyla says that for NextWorld, attracting a passionate community depends on communicating the usefulness of the project.

“Building a span community is paramount, and people who truly believe in the project speak to utility. Emphasizing utility is one of the keys to getting people into the project.”

How to create engagement between your project’s communities

Content is the cornerstone of engagement in Web3. Create a message or campaign that people will resonate with and they will come back and engage with your product.

But what kind of content should you plan for, and what should be the goals of that content?

Juanzie used his experience at Web3 Academy to provide a 5-step marketing plan for engagement.

  • Communication: Clear and constant dialogue with followers and members.
  • Gamification: events, giveaways, incentive communications.
  • Special Perks: OG has been there to support you from the beginning, so offering perks to OG will also incentivize new members.
  • Community Feedback and Input: Encourage feedback after events and meetings. Those are the moments to take into account when planning what’s next.

Offline Events: An Underrated Tactic

Web3 marketing has a lot of online tactics such as airdrops, NFT mints, Twitter spaces, influencer partnerships, affiliate marketing.

We often think of Web3 marketing in terms of online strategy and forget that there is an otherworldly IRL. This is what Alison noticed after attending several offline events.

“I realized that collaborating on offline events is very important. People you meet offline can actually talk to you directly. It’s a different level of connection in life,” she said. Told.

“We do a lot of online events, but I realized how important it is to have an offline event and let people see you being involved in a project. level of trust is built.”

Use off-chain and Web3 data to make better marketing decisions

Communication and community building are at the core of marketing at this point, but data-driven decision-making projects are gaining ground in Web3, where data is cumbersome and fragmented.

For example, KaratDAO used Footprint Analytics to do wallet analysis to narrow down the target personas they want to attract.

Wallet profile
Wallet profile

“First, see if they hold tokens in their wallets, not how much assets they have,” Allison said. But usually when they have no assets at all, they’re most likely the type of people who do tasks to get airdrops. They don’t necessarily care about the product, they just want to get the free stuff. Also find out if they are active from their wallet. ”

The Footprint Analytics community contributed to this work.

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