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How the Metaverse Can Improve the Lives of Disabled People

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Brunel University is working with the University of Cambridge and Meta to study how the Metaverse can assist people with disabilities in their daily lives.

long ago The Internet was invented in the late 1980s, it was seen as a game-changer in how we communicate and share information. Today, the Metaverse is being hailed as the next big thing that will further change our lives.

Combining virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and 3D computer-generated environments, the Metaverse has the potential to empower us all and make the world a more inclusive place, especially for people with disabilities. increase.

now, Brunel University worked with Cambridge and Meta to explore how the Metaverse can help people with disabilities.

social virtual reality

Funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, this million-dollar project explores how the Metaverse can be accessed by people whose lives are affected by age, disease, or disability. .

The name of the project issocial virtual realityand it aims to study how the virtual world can become more inclusive and accessible to people with disabilities and help them overcome the problems they face in the physical world.

Researchers want to consider how the metaverse can be used as a tool to give people with disabilities the same opportunities as everyone else and level the playing field.

What is Virtual Mobility

The researchers said, “virtual mobilityexplains how new technology can provide an easily accessible alternative to routine activities that require a lot of movement.

For example, during the pandemic, many people are using video conferencing platforms to work from home or take online classes instead of going to the office or school.

The Metaverse is a perfect example of how virtual mobility can improve the lives of people with disabilities.

The Metaverse allows people with disabilities to have the same experience as everyone else without worrying about physical barriers.

According to Brunel University researchers, the Metaverse has the potential to change the lives of people with disabilities by:

social life

In traditional social media, There are many benefits for people with disabilities, and the metaverse only amplifies these effects. This can help people with disabilities make friends, find romantic partners, and socialize without worrying about their physical limitations.


Distance learning has grown in popularity in recent years, and the Metaverse can take it to the next level. Immersive technologies like VR provide access to higher education for people with disabilities. Engagingly delivered without physical attendance.


We humans can adapt to new ways of working in a matter of days. The pandemic has shown us that.Almost Across generations, 85% of people See yourself playing an important part of their work in the Metaverse.

This is good news for people with disabilities. It gives them the same opportunities to work and earn money regardless of their physical abilities.

give equal opportunity to all

The Metaverse, like the Internet before it, has the potential to level the playing field and give everyone, regardless of ability, an equal chance to participate in society.

It can democratize opportunity and provide people with disabilities with the same social, economic and educational opportunities as other people.

This is just the beginning of how the Metaverse can help people with disabilities. As technology develops, there will be more and more ways it can improve their lives.

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