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Herencia Artifex, an NFT project for artistic collaboration across genres, sells the first of NFT

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Chainwire, Tokyo, Japan, May 25, 2023

Herencia Artifex fosters collaboration across the boundaries of the art world, providing a forum for artists from diverse backgrounds and styles to come together to produce creative work.

The project name “Herencia Artifex” (HXA for short) means “Herencia” (inheritance) and “Artifex” (artist) in Latin. The HXA project aims to utilize NFTs to inherit outstanding artists and crafts.

Art collaboration that transcends genres in the Web3 space will create new artistic expressions and contribute to the richness of the art field. Creators are determined to create realistic art experiences through NFT collections.

The first NFT “Gizan Kato”

The first NFT “Gizan Kato” is a collaboration with the main artist of this exhibition, the monk Gizan Kato, and is based on his work “Kirin”.

“Kirin” is a mythical animal that is said to appear in peaceful Japan and bring good luck. “Qilin” reborn as NFT by 3D artist Mora

The collection includes not only standard designs, but also various colors. A total of 600 NFTs will be sold, but only 15 of each special design.

The collection will be available in multiple colors and will launch en masse at OpenSea in early June. The collection is currently on sale until June 31st.

future development

NFT 2nd “Nails by mei” ( https://www.instagram.com/nailsbymei/#)

“Nails by mei” collaborates with Mei Kawajiri, an artist who has captivated the world with her original and unconventional nail designs and is supported by many celebrities and celebrities.

The team is excited to see her designs for the HXA. In addition to NFT, the creator will also develop a real art collaboration with Yoshimitsu Kato.

Photo credit: Photo credit: Luisa Opalesky

Mora Vieytes (3D Artist & Designer)


3D artist and designer with a focus on playful 3D illustrations, lettering, designs and GIFs

About Herencia Artifex

The Herencia Artifex NFT collection is for art purposes. NFT owners have priority access to special events and community participation.


Mizue [email protected]

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