As announced in a tweet to, Hedera has turned off access to most services. March 9.

Hedera is blocking access to wallets, apps

Hedera said it will turn off its mainnet network proxies to investigate smart contract fraud. This action means wallets, decentralized exchanges, decentralized apps and centralized exchanges will no longer be available.

The project says its mainnet is still operational and has reached consensus on the new block. Instead, most users are similarly unable to access the network. The project says it will re-enable access and proxies once the issue is resolved.

Hedera said it is taking this action.n Great user attention.The project did not say whether the funds were lost or stolen.

The decision has already drawn criticism from users questioning the project’s efforts to decentralize. The fact that Hedera appears to be using proxies alone suggests that only a few parties control the network.

Hedera took full control of the proxy when it launched in 2020. However, it also said it plans to provide control to council members at a later date.

Decisions are the result of previous developments

Heder confirmed the smart contract issue as early as March 9th. Her Hashport, a bridge service, has also suspended services to contain the issue.

Hedera provided little information about the nature of the problem. However, his Ignas, an independent blockchain researcher, said: reported The issue is related to the smart contract decompilation process and specifically affects the Hedera Token Service (HTS). This means that liquidity provider (LP) tokens and wrapped tokens will be affected.

Ignas cited Pangolin Exchange CEO Justin Trollip as the original source of the information. Trollip talks about his Hedera projects such as Pangolin, SaucerSwap. Heliswap and others are also at risk. Trollip advised users: [their] Fund it now.”⁠ — Advice Pangolin later repeated civil servant.

Hedorah (HBAR) is down 6.2% in 24 hours as of 12:45 am UTC on March 10. It still outperforms Bitcoin, which has fallen 7.4% in 24 hours.

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