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Heart XFormerly known as ArteX, a pioneer in the digital art industry, has recently rebranded and launched a groundbreaking platform that enables artists, collectors, art consultants and art lovers to redefine the value of digital art. announced a new web3 marketplace and community. The HeartX Platform provides a safe, immersive and transparent space to create, share and trade digital artwork for artists, collectors and the Web3 community alike.

A sleek, user-friendly interface allows artists to upload and list their NFT-based digital art for a global audience to explore and purchase. HeartX’s unique art rating system engages all users by allowing them to vote on digital artworks, earn tokens as rewards, and rate them by creating an interactive and dynamic online art community. This feature fosters closer relationships between creators, collectors and art lovers, creating an interactive and dynamic online art community. HeartX’s Vote-to-Earn system allows people to indicate their preferences and endorsements, making it easier for them to participate in the web3 community.

The team announces the start of HeartX’s first season. This season will introduce a unique set of features designed to increase user engagement and encourage participation. The “vote to earn” model allows users to earn tokens by voting on works of art, with both the most popular and least popular works leading to tokens. In the tokenomics model, the platform has two types of his tokens. Governance Token $HTX and Utility Token $HNX, empowering users to unlock new opportunities for growth and profitability. Additionally, the multi-dimensional ranking system rewards users, creators and collectors, creating a positive feedback his loop that encourages continued participation within the ecosystem.

HeartX is pleased to announce a partnership with a team gearing up for a launch in the rapidly growing web3 space. The team is made up of seasoned professionals with diverse experiences and backgrounds, united by a strong passion to create seamless, secure and user-friendly platforms and ecosystems for users around the world. . HeartX has partnered with some of the most innovative teams in the web3 space, with more to be announced.

HeartX founder Anson said: “We also believe that ‘art’ should never be out of reach. That’s why we offer people his HeartX platform.” Vision is more than just his online marketplace. This is a vibrant community of art lovers with a passion for exploring and collecting digital art. The platform connects creators and collectors, offering artists a unique opportunity to showcase their digital artwork to a global audience, and collectors an opportunity to build reputations and discover unique and innovative works. .

The HeartX team has released the HeartX White Paper, outlining their vision for a decentralized future and highlighting the key features and benefits of the HeartX Platform. The HeartX team encourages everyone to read the whitepaper to learn more about its ambitious goals and innovative solutions. HeartX white paper details here.

The team continues to develop the HeartX project and we look forward to sharing updates with the community as it progresses towards launch. HeartX Marketplace will be released in mid-April on both app and web versions. Join HeartX today and experience the future of digital art.


Descent Arts Singapore Pte. Ltd. is a Web3 professional team dedicated to art.

Decent Arts aims to connect the offline and online art worlds to push the boundaries of traditional art and establish a more inclusive, diverse and decentralized Web3 art ecology.

Decent Arts focuses on the physical and digital art market, creating an online art community for trade and communication. Launching a digital art collection, incubating a richer metaverse and his Web3 products to enable more people to connect, understand and ultimately fall in love with art.

Currently, the team has 30 members in charge of product planning, artist cooperation, technology development, platform management, etc. Most of our members come from successful internet companies in various fields such as games, live broadcasting, social networking, e-commerce, art, etc. , blockchain, digital collections and more.


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