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Hacker returns $792k following Sentiment offer of $95K for return of stolen funds

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Sentiment.xyz is backing a $95,000 offer in an attempt to arrange the return of stolen funds, as seen on the project’s Twitter page on April 5.

A bounty offered to sentiment hackers.

The reward was initially on-chain transaction on the Arbitrum blockchain. Here’s part of the decoded on-chain message:

“To Hackers: We Offer You [$95,000] If you refund me by 8am on April 6th, I will not pursue this… Do the right thing. ”

The message also states that if the stolen funds are not returned by the deadline, an offer will be sent to an individual to assist in identifying the attacker instead.

Sentiment has not publicly announced this offer. Instead, I retweeted a screenshot of another user’s offer on my girlfriend’s Twitter account. So it seems like the originator of the offer, but the anonymity of the transaction makes this unclear.

A report from Taylor Monahan, founder of MyCrypto and developer of Metamask suggest that The attacker returned 414 ETH ($792,000) around 10:30 PM UTC. If so, the attacker probably overshot the project’s demands and returned most of his $1 million he originally stole. However, Sentiment itself has not confirmed that it has received the funds.

This incident has been compared to the recent attack against Euler Finance. However, that project was able to negotiate the return of stolen funds as well.

Sentiment has stolen up to $1 million.

Sentiment was hacked on April 4th. Initial estimates put him at $500,000 stolen, but later estimates suggested he had $1 million stolen.

Following the initial announcement, sentiment Said Suspended the main contract to allow withdrawals only. The project further said it was able to patch the issue, allowing users to pay off their debts and unwind their positions.

Emotion added that collecting funds is its main goal. It also said it is working with law enforcement and “close contributors” to identify hackers. This work is not necessary if the attacker is cooperating with the project.

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