google play We are working towards significant policy changes that can greatly enhance the NFT space. The Android app store has finally revealed plans to allow developers to integrate digital assets within their games and applications.

The updated deal will allow companies to soon offer tokenized asset transactions to expose their blockchain presence via Google’s Play Console, allowing collaborators to play traditional games with user-owned content. It says it will be able to re-evaluate and increase user loyalty with exclusive NFT rewards.

One notable collaborator behind this regulatory change is Reddit, best known for its success in the NFT space through its avatar collectibles and marketplace. A senior engineer manager at the social media hub recently stressed that the upgraded guidelines aim to be “a level playing field that fosters user trust and encourages responsible use of blockchain technology.”

Google Play’s change of heart

Google’s position on blockchain-based apps has been murky lately, stating that “developers should not promote or glorify the potential revenue generated from their games or transactional activities.” This is also consistent with Google Play’s policies regarding real money games, contests, and gambling, which previously stated that apps that did not meet such eligibility requirements could be used in games such as “loot boxes” for players to earn NFTs. It was claiming that it could not support internal items.

Despite these previous requirements, it’s clear that app stores have changed their minds about their approach to Web3. The reasons behind this bold statement include that he will give decentralized data storage app ArDrive Mobile a spot on the Google Store in 2022. The platform then listed ‘Axie Infinity: Origins’ on select Google Play markets, followed by Google Cloud debuting his Web3 scheme in April. Accelerating blockchain startups in 2023.

As the Web3 world is expected to roll out the move to Google Play NFTs, this late summer trial will provide the first glimpse into new directions for Android apps, shaping the future of blockchain gaming. , will drive a technological revolution with the potential to enter the mainstream market. .

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