Web3 Trading Card Game Fortress, gods unchainedteeth, epic game store. As a result, his over 230 million gamers worldwide now have easy access to the unlimited card duel platform.

The move comes as Gods Unchained shifts focus to simplifying the onboarding experience to appeal to mainstream audiences. As a first step, it debuted on one of the world’s most popular game launchers and, most importantly, emerged as an outspoken proponent of NFT technology.

Developed by Immutable, a Web3 technology company, this award-winning game will now rival industry stalwarts like Magic: The Gathering and Hearthstone in terms of accessibility. In effect, it has shed the shackles of its previous onboarding experience and earned a prestigious spot in the casual gaming market.

Gods Unchained transformation continues in mobile games

Despite the great benefits that the Epic Games store offers, our commitment to accessibility doesn’t end there. Going forward, Gods Unchained has also revealed ambitious plans to launch its platform for the mobile market, which is in advanced stages of development on both Google Play and Appstore. What this means for Gods Unchained is that the potential market will grow well beyond its current capabilities.

To corroborate all of this, the Immutable team has also hinted that a “massive expansion” is slated for Horizon. The result is an update that adds more game modes, additional card packs, and a wealth of new opportunities. So, with his reincarnation of one of Web3’s oldest games, the future looks bright for the Gods Unchained ecosystem.

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