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Goblintown NFT to Favor Lousy Traders in Season 2

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Truth Labs, the company responsible for reputation Goblin Town NFT Collection, is preparing to debut ‘Goblintown Season 2’. But this time there is a twist. Poor traders get priority access to mints.

The new NFT is big ink, a fictional conglomerate in Goblintown that brainwashes animals into joining the workforce. The digital asset shows the character’s profile picture (PFP).

Big Inc still has to announce a production date for Goblintown Season 2. For now, one of the main known points is to prioritize the top 1,000 worst traders and mint your next digital asset for free within 24 hours.

The main reasons behind this incentive include Goblintown Season 2 wanting to celebrate Web3’s community and culture in both bull and bear times. Owners of other NFT collections created by Truth Labs (Goblintown, Grumble, Illuminati) will also have free and exclusive access to the Big Inc Mint.

Minting Process – Points to Consider

Truth Labs will evaluate participants’ wallet data to confirm NFT transactions. ‘Down Bad Board’ traders get priority access.

Additionally, in a strategic move for the Second Mint, Goblintown hopes to capitalize on the growing popularity of the meme coin PEPE, which has seen a 2,100% increase in price this month alone, adding to its sizable market capitalization of around $500 million. I’m here. By including his PEPE in payouts, Goblintown hopes to increase the utility of the token.

Mint participants can pay 0.096 Ether (ETH) for one of Season 2’s collectibles. This equates to around $175 at the time of writing. However, if you prefer to pay using PEPE, you will get a 50% discount and the NFT price will be 0.048 ETH (approximately $88).

Goblintown NFT’s first mint in May 2022 made $7 million in sales. Adding a unique approach to Season 2, the goblin-themed collection hopes to make waves again in the NFT space.

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