Germany’s foreign intelligence agency BNDhas launched a novel campaign to find cyber talent for its blockchain sector. Government organizations have turned their attention to a pack of 999 Hound-themed NFTs packed with cryptic on-chain scavenger hunts.

Inspired by the real-life dogs in action within the institution, the “Dogs of BND” collection features a series of 2D cartoon dogs adorned with “Secret Service” style features. To obtain one of the mysterious NFTs, participants were challenged to decipher a string shared on Instagram and trace it to the OpenSea account where the collection resides. Upon discovering a location, budding investigators will be able to purchase NFTs for a symbolic price of 0.000001 ETH ($0.0019) and gas.

Since the campaign made headlines, 987 hounds have been captured, with the remaining 12 being put on hold by the BND for more severe challenges ahead. At the time of this writing, the price floor has risen to his 0.052 ETH (99 USD).

German Intelligence Service Uses NFTs To Boost Blockchain Adoption

Governments continue to show off blockchain

This is not the first time a government has attempted to use NFTs for personal gain. The UK famously collaborated with the Royal Mint to launch NFTs at the height of the technology’s popularity, only to quietly scrap the idea when the market cooled. Additionally, the wonderful country of Romania has previously revealed plans to store government documents as NFTs.

Continuing the blockchain theme, the fabled realm “Norway” launched a thrilling tax office in Decentraland, while the tiny island nation of Barbados promised an embassy that never materialized.

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