research by crypto dot com expects the GameFi industry to grow significantly over the next few years, eventually growing to 10x the size of traditional games by 2025. A growing industry with appeal to the gaming community.

Gaming community investors are flocking to support new GameFi cryptocurrency project Metacade. The community-driven platform aims to reward early investors as it looks set to play a transformative role in the GameFi crypto sector.

GameFi’s Stratospheric Growth

The GameFi industry started booming during the COVID-19 pandemic as lockdowns kept everyone at home. When people turned to online gaming to provide entertainment opportunities, those early in the GameFi movement stood to benefit from new Play-to-Ene (P2E) mechanisms.

As lockdown conditions around the world began to ease, adoption of GameFi in the gaming community continued to grow to the point where it looked set to overtake traditional gaming methods within the next few years.

While still a new industry, especially when compared to console and PC gaming, GameFi’s unique capabilities and rich potential to reward gamers go beyond standard gaming platform offerings. This has taken the GameFi industry from zero to multi-billion dollar industry in just a few years.

What is Metacade?

The GameFi sector is an increasingly competitive market. However, the new virtual arcade platform, Metacadewhich is ideally positioned to become the market leader in the P2E crypto games sector. We offer a huge number of classic arcade titles.

Beyond providing the gaming community with an unrivaled selection of game titles, Metacade plans to put users front and center on the platform. By positioning itself as a “by gamers, for gamers” platform, users are encouraged to contribute to the creation of her hub, the largest and most interactive Metaverse gaming community. Earn cryptocurrency rewards every time you post social his content on the hub under the guise of a game review or alpha.

It’s part of Metacade’s revolutionary Create2Earn scheme, and is just one of three additional revenue streams alongside traditional leading P2E engines.

What is MCADE and how does it work?

Metacade will be powered by a native MCADE token to power all transactions and activities on the platform. As part of Metacade’s self-contained ecosystem, revenue flows from external and internal sources into the platform’s multi-signature wallet.

The community of MCADE token holders can contribute by staking tokens to participate in online tournaments and prize draws. Additionally, users can experience his one of many paid titles just like they would in a real-world video arcade, with revenue going to his Metacade ecosystem.

External funding, on the other hand, comes from the sale of advertising space in the hub. As part of his Work2Earn feature on the platform, Web3 companies will have the opportunity to advertise their job openings starting in Q1 2024, with additional fees for external companies releasing games on Metacade.

Metacade: Driving the GameFi Crypto Revolution

Metacade’s pioneering Metagrants program is one of the many features that make Metacade unique in the GameFi crypto space. This scheme not only drives innovation in Web3 development, but is at the heart of the platform’s community-oriented ethos.

Designed to facilitate the creation of new P2E titles exclusively for Metacade, developers can submit ideas for consideration of new games by the gaming community. Each submission will be voted on as part of a regular pool, and the most popular ideas will earn crypto funding (Metagrant) to support their efforts.

Metacade benefits from regular releases of exciting new games that help the platform evolve. In fact, these voting rights will form a key part of his delegation of Metacade’s authority from the project team to the community as part of its transition to becoming a full DAO by Q4 2024.

Meanwhile, the broader Web3 community benefits from access to some of the industry’s largest innovators who have just gained experience developing in real crypto environments.

Can MCADE Reach $5 in 2025?

The rich potential offered by Metacade’s roadmap is clear, and these exciting plans have drawn investors into the pre-sale in droves. This excitement, combined with overall projected growth for the GameFi crypto sector, has led analysts to suggest that $1 is achievable this year.

This could continue for the next few years, and we expect a bull market in 2024 and 2025 that could see MCADE cross the $5 barrier.

MCADE: A gaming community for gamers, by gamers

If we need to further explain MCADE’s potential, it’s amazing how quickly the presale has sold out since its launch at $0.008. After selling $5 million worth of tokens in his first 10 weeks of pre-sale, total investment in the project reached his staggering $7.2 million.

As investors flock to buy MCADE at ever-increasing rates, analysts predict demand will skyrocket and prices will rise when the MCADE token hits exchanges. The current price of $0.014 represents investors needing to buy before the presale sells out.

You can participate in the Metacade presale here.

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