A founder who attended Yuga Labs’ recent Ape Fest in Hong Kong has sent legal notice to the company after suffering eye damage related to the event.

Asif Kamal, founder of the art-tech and NFT company Artfi, said that he fell ill to a “widespread eye infection outbreak” during the Bored Apes Yacht Club-themed event, which was held in Hong Kong between Nov. 3 and Nov. 5. In the hours following the event, several attendees reported eye pain, skin irritation, and other maladies associated with overexposure to UV light.

He also said that he was hospitalized after returning to Dubai after two days and added that the infection gradually spread to the skin on his face.

Kamal and ArtFi said in a press release:

“To ensure such an incident never repeats itself, Asif Kamal and his legal team have taken swift action by sending a formal legal notice to Yuga Labs, the organizers of the event. Mr. Kamal is dedicated to seeking justice for those who suffered and safeguarding the rights of the affected individuals.”

Kamal otherwise expressed concern and condemnation regarding Yuga Labs’ apparent failed security measures, as well as sympathy for other victims.

Condition is not infectious

Most other reports attribute the widespread eye condition to UV exposure from improper lighting. Several other attendees reported eye pain, vision problems, and burnt skin following the event.

In a petition on Change.org, Kamal similarly suggested that his condition was caused by exposure to UV radiation but maintained that this resulted in an infection.

Yuga Labs has acknowledged those reports. In a statement to Variety, the firm said that it was aware of “some attendees” reporting the above conditions (apart from infection). The company added that it was “distressed” by those reports and said that it was working with festival vendors and contractors to determine the cause of the incident.

In another statement to Verge, Yuga Labs said that 15 individuals, or less than 1% of the 2,250 people in attendance, had contacted it about the matter.

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