Flare Network collaborates with Ankr to provide developers with a high performance RPC infrastructure.

July 7, flare networkannounced a strategic partnership with EVM-based smart contract platform designed for secure data acquisition and interoperability. Unclea prominent cloud infrastructure provider in the Web3 space, enhances its remote procedure call (RPC) procedure set for developers.

Thanks to this partnership, developers working on Flare will have access to high-performance premium RPC services to streamline node operations and accelerate development of decentralized applications (dApps).

Additionally, according to Flare’s statement, developers will also benefit from Ankr’s advanced API, which includes custom indexing to facilitate on-chain data queries such as non-fungible token (NFT) metadata.

Introducing Flare: The Web3 Platform Optimized for Developers

Flare is an off-chain decentralized data acquisition platform with oracles embedded in the network fabric, aiming to improve developer productivity by providing a simple and consistent stack for decentralized interoperability. I am aiming.

In addition, it is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), which offers various possibilities for performing operations, so any decentralized application programmed in Solidity can run on the Flare platform and enjoy its multiple advantages securely. can be used for

Hugo Philion, CEO and co-founder of Flare, said the partnership with Ankr will give developers access to premium RPC tools from one of the leading blockchain companies to build and monitor. said it demonstrates its commitment to providing a trusted platform for Both dApps and their services.

“The Flare and Ankr partnership means developers will have access to premium RPC tools from industry-leading node providers, along with an API portal and Google Cloud infrastructure. While doing so, it highlights Flare’s commitment to providing developers with a flexible, robust and reliable stack for building and monitoring dApps and services.”

Ankr aims to contribute to a more secure and interconnected Web3 blockchain ecosystem

In addition, Ankr, a cloud infrastructure provider designed to provide RPC services to multiple blockchains through an extensive network of geographically distributed nodes, has made Flare Help developers achieve a smoother working experience.

Ankr’s VP of Products, Josh Neuroth, joins Flare to “build a more secure and interconnected blockchain ecosystem,” providing a rich development experience in terms of data and interoperability expressed a willingness to do so. He further emphasized that by putting developers first, “He demonstrates Flare’s dedication to being the most secure and connected hub for building Web3 applications.”

The partnership between Flare Network and Ankr thus demonstrates Flare’s commitment to providing developers with a robust and reliable platform, while Ankr contributes to building a more secure and interconnected Web3 blockchain ecosystem. .


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