A next-generation digital gaming platform called Eyeball Pool is poised to venture into the dynamic Web3 realm, enhancing the compelling elements of casual entertainment on the web. immutable Strengthen the platform by debuting new NFT gaming experiences.

Eyeball Pool is ready to add an exhilarating twist to the history of this game. Running on the Polygon network, the game promises to evolve the traditional 8-ball pool game while adding compelling Web3 features. As a result, players will soon be able to own and redeem pool cues to earn rewards of in-game tokens.

Eyeball Pool Legacy

Despite being relatively new to the gaming world, Eyeball Pool lives up to its traditions courtesy of veteran pool game developers Thomas Elgaard and Karsten Niemeier. The tech-savvy duo is also the mastermind behind the creation of his Miniclip original 8-ball pool game, which racked up over a billion mobile downloads last year.

Additionally, the game was originally developed on the blockchain network Kronos earlier this year. Crypto.com, compatible with Ethereum and Cosmos. Taking the first shot, the startup debuted his 4,001 “Balldroid” PGP NFTs associated with the game. These NFTs, along with a new batch to enter the Immutable X partnership, guarantee players exclusive in-game rewards and perks, and ad-free NFT enjoyment.

As Eyeball Pool approaches its 2024 debut, it’s clear that the decision to choose Immutable’s platform for its NFT pool games will facilitate faster market entry, greater reach, and better player onboarding.

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