Euler (EUL) Finance exploiters sent 100 Ethereum (ETH) — worth $170,468 — to Ronin Bridge exploiters on March 17.

On-Chain Analyst Lookonchain Asked Did the transaction indicate that the two hackers were the same person, or was the transfer intentional?

The Ronin Bridge exploit is linked to the notorious North Korean hacker group Lazarus, which has sparked speculation that the group was behind the Euler Finance exploit.

On the other hand, the deal has not provided conclusive evidence of the relationship between the two parties. The Euler Finance attackers attempted to obfuscate transactions using Tornado Cash, a sanctioned mixing protocol. The attacker also sent her 100 ETH to one of her exploit victims.

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Lazarus group was involved in the $625 million Ronin bridge exploit that occurred in March 2022.U.S. Treasury Department Added Add the hacker group to the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) sanctions list.

The FBI also blames the Lazarus Group and APT38 for the $100 million exploit of Horizon Bridge. Although the North Korean government denies Lazarus and his sponsorship of APT38, law enforcement has linked several cryptocurrency attacks to North Korean hackers.

Euler Labs CEO says exploited code has been audited

Michael Bentley, CEO of Euler Labs Said The DeFi protocol has always been a security-minded project, adding that its smart contracts (including vulnerable lines of code) have been audited.

Bentley was responding to a victim who tweeted that the protocol had 10 different audits from 6 companies between 2021 and 2022.

In a March 17 Twitter thread, Bentley said it was the most difficult time of his life because he had to sacrifice time with his newborn son. said.

The CEO reiterated the project’s commitment to finding the attacker and urged anyone with information that could lead to his arrest to come forward.

Bentley concludes:

“Everyone associated with Euler works tirelessly to achieve the best possible results as quickly as possible.”

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