A significant Ethereum upgrade is set to take place next week, allowing stakers to finally withdraw their staked funds during the merge.

According to Ethereum core developer Tim Beiko’s tweet, the upgrade is scheduled for March 14th, with a community call the day before. Ethereum Foundation BlogTo monitor Goerli’s upgrade, EthStaker hosting Live call on YouTube.

“After a smooth transition to Sepolia, a Shapella upgrade is scheduled for the Goerli testnet. According to the blog, this is expected to be the last testnet upgrade before scheduling Shapella for the Ethereum mainnet. “This upgrade follows The Merge and allows validators to withdraw their stake from the beacon chain back to the execution layer.It also introduces new features to both the execution and consensus layers…”

On March 14th at 10pm UTC, Ethereum developers will implement the Shapella hard fork on the Goerli testnet. This will delay mainnet withdrawal by 3-4 weeks. This launch will be the first deployment on a public testnet that will allow testing of full and partial stake ETH withdrawals.

Ethereum Staking – What is it?

From December 2020, users can bet 32 ​​ETH on contracts on Ethereum’s Beacon Chain Consensus Layer to become a validator to secure Ethereum. As a reward, they receive incentives that can be withdrawn once Shapella is deployed on the Ethereum mainnet.

After the Ethereum merge, each validator and standard node operator operates a consensus and execution client software that communicates through the engine API. Different teams are responsible for creating and maintaining client software in different programming languages ​​to enhance the security of Ethereum.

Ethereum Staking Update

Ethereum developers should release the Goerli client software by early next week, and node operators will have a week or two to upgrade their clients. The Sepolia testnet, which rolled out the Shapella fork on February 28, 2023, is a permissioned testnet that allows only authorized entities to operate validator nodes. The Goerli testnet is the first to support multiple Ethereum clients, allowing developers and node operators to test their smart contracts using her testnet cryptocurrency called GoETH.

Now, according to the latest update, users can register as a validator, validate their transactions, withdraw their funds completely and remove themselves from the protection of the network. Since Sepolia is a permitted testnet, we are creating a short-term testnet to allow validators to test their node setup before deploying her Shapella on Ethereum’s mainnet. These testnets allow users to register as validators, validate transactions, withdraw their funds completely, and relinquish their responsibility to secure the network.

Nodes must be updated to the Ethereum client version to be compatible with Goerli upgrades.

Learn more about Shapella network upgrades here.

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