• EOS prices are down 13% year-to-date despite a very bullish turn in LTC and BCH.
  • The broader market outlook is bullish, which could help EOS target its recent peak.
  • EOS is trading at $0.77 at the time of this writing, and is up about 10% after dipping to $0.70.

The price of EOS is currently trading near $0.77 after briefly dropping to $0.70 in a move that was replicated across the broader cryptocurrency market.

However, the coin is still trading below its June high, down 15% over the past 30 days. EOS is also far from its year-to-date peak, performing in contrast to some of the oldest altcoins seen in the past few weeks.

Could news about the EOS EVM bring more positive vibes to the bulls? Perhaps, and that’s what the bulls need, the upward momentum caused by increased network activity.

EOS price in cryptocurrency market outlook

Coins such as Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) have surged recently, outperforming even benchmark cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC), which surged 83% year-to-date in the first half of 2023. is showing

EOS, on the other hand, has remained mostly negative since falling from around $2 last September. After a gradual decline from $1.34 in March and EOS/USD reaching $0.60 in mid-June, the bulls are down 13% year-to-date even after a recent rally.

The coin’s performance has been punctuated by a drop caused by the SEC lawsuits against Coinbase and Binance, which saw Bitcoin retreat sharply from the $30,000 territory earlier this month. A wave of spot ETFs triggered by asset manager BlackRock has pushed EOS higher, but overall technical settings are bearish.

EOS prices could fall again as bankrupt crypto finance company Celsius has begun selling or converting altcoins into BTC and ETH. [Read more].

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