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Enhancing Metaverse Integration: My Neighbor Alice Joins The Board of Directors of OMA3

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Stockholm, Sweden, 12 June 2023, Chainwire

My Neighbor Alice’s Chief Product Officer, Riccardo Sibani, represents the company on the OMA3 Board of Directors and contributes to the development of a more interconnected metaverse.

My neighbor Aliceis a fully decentralized open world game. The company’s Chief Product Officer (CPO) is pleased to announce that he has joined the Board of Directors of OMA3 (“Open Metaverse Alliance for Web3”).

OMA3 collaborates with creators of the Web3 Metaverse platform, including prominent members such as Animoca Brands, Alien Worlds, Unstoppable Domains, The Sandbox and Upland. OMA3 ensures that virtual lands, digital assets, ideas and services are highly interoperable across platforms and transparent to all communities.

My Neighbor Alice is an open world where players can collect and utilize resources to form a shared digital environment. The team focuses on creating a metaverse where digital items and resources can be shared across different virtual worlds. This focus aligns seamlessly with his OMA3 vision of an open and highly interoperable metaverse, and represents an important milestone for both entities.

The collaboration between Alice in My Neighborhood and OMA3 represents a major step forward in ensuring transparency for the project community and the web3 ecosystem. This includes striving for high interoperability of virtual lands, digital assets, ideas and services across platforms.

With his deep technical expertise and extensive blockchain knowledge, Ricardo Sivani is expected to be a valuable addition to OMA3. Shivani, who is actively involved in the creation of shared protocols, will join the Board to guide OMA3 in advancing its joint mission.

Ricardo Sivani commented on his recent appointment as a member of the Board of Directors. “Joining the OMA3 Board of Directors is a great opportunity to contribute to the development of a more interconnected metaverse. We aim to create experiences, and I am thrilled to be a part of this joint mission and look forward to shaping the future of decentralization together.”

By joining OMA3’s board of directors, My Neighbor Alice further demonstrates its commitment to establishing sharing protocols and shaping an open metaverse. The team is excited about the future of his collaboration with OMA3 and looks forward to creating more transparent and interconnected virtual landscapes.

About My Neighbor Alice

My neighbor Alice is a ground-breaking multiplayer builder game built on Chromia’s blockchain, offering an engaging and accessible experience on an enchanting virtual island. My Neighbor Alice represents the future of gaming that combines virtual reality, blockchain and decentralized finance to redefine how people interact with virtual worlds. By integrating blockchain technology, players will be able to own and trade virtual assets (NFTs). The game’s marketplace will allow players to buy, sell and trade these NFTs, creating a dynamic, player-driven virtual economy. Players can earn rewards, monetize their creations, and participate in community his events to foster a sense of ownership and collaboration. Through various strategic partnerships, MNA emphasizes the project’s dedication to promoting NFT ownership and encourages a more engaging and interactive gaming community.

For more information and updates, visit Alice in My Neighborhood. Official website | discord | telegram | Telegram notice | twitter | LinkedIn


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