Blockchain company EMURGO has announced the beta launch of Cardano Spot, a social network for enthusiasts to discuss the ecosystem.

of Managing Director of EMURGO Media Sebastian Ziliacus It says the closed beta will be released at the end of 2022. After that, project development moved into an open beta stage considering community feedback, and the onboarding project was ready.

“In the closed beta, we worked silently to build the platform based on community feedback and direction. In the open beta, we launched dozens of new features and welcomed ideas and suggestions from the entire community. .”

of cardano spot It exists to aggregate trusted and authoritative content in an ‘all-in-one place’.

Cardano Spot Details

Cardano Spot is an interactive platform based on user-generated content that brings the Cardano community together.continued live February 16th.

“The Cardano blockchain has over 1000 projects built on top of it, with over 4 million community members. Cardano Spot serves these native projects and their communities.”

The platform has the following aspects to serve the Cardano community:

  • Community Hub – A personalized home feed that shows posts from content creators you follow.
  • News Feed – Latest information on developments within the Cardano ecosystem, including educational posts and “how-to” content.
  • Project Library – A list of Cardano projects with information to support your research.
  • Events Calendar – Dates of upcoming events such as webinars and meetups.
  • Market Conditions – Market data such as token prices, market capitalization and tokennomics.

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