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Elon Musk says he’s developing TruthGPT to offset ‘left-wing lies’ in chatbots

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According to a FOX News report, Twitter and Tesla CEO Elon Musk has unveiled a new AI-powered chatbot called TruthGPT. April 17th.

Musk Announces TruthGPT

In an interview with host Tucker Carlson, Musk said he plans to create a “truth-seeking” AI designed to understand the nature of the universe.

Musk said this approach could result in a safe AI that is unlikely to wipe out humanity, thanks to what he calls humanity’s pivotal place in the universe.

The new AI also has more pressing goals. In an interview, Musk reportedly suggested that ChatGPT’s left-wing developers programmed the chatbot to “lie”. In the framing segment, Carlson expressed concern that AI could influence elections.

Perhaps TruthGPT can offset left-wing biases with AI programs, but Musk’s product will undoubtedly be accused of having right-wing biases.

Carlson also noted that Musk was involved in funding competing AI chatbot ChatGPT. The host claimed that Musk wanted control of the project, but that Microsoft and Google took ownership of the company. (Actually, Google and Microsoft, the parent company of ChatGPT, he’s just an investor in OpenAI, not the owner).

Details of TruthGPT have not yet been made public. The full interview will air at 8pm ET.

Musk’s recently announced AI company

On April 15th, it was reported that Musk registered a new company called X.AI. The company appears to have been created to deal with artificial intelligence products, but it is ultimately unclear if TruthGPT will be developed by the company.

Musk also signed an open letter with other experts March 22The letter aims to slow AI development to mitigate risks. This is Musk’s goal in line with his TruthGPT project.

Musk has not publicly announced TruthGPT or the newly registered company.

A post first appeared on CryptoSlate where Elon Musk said he was developing TruthGPT to offset “left-wing lies” in chatbots.

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