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According to a survey conducted by La Prensa Grafica (LPG), one of El Salvador’s leading daily newspapers, Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele has a 91% approval rating among locals.

Despite news outlets known to oppose the current political system of the Central American country, the leaders investigation Results can be even higher.

Bukele’s Soaring Approval

El Salvador’s president, who took office in June 2019, has the highest approval rating in the world. According to previous data, about 85% of Salvadorans were satisfied with his leadership.

In a survey conducted by LPG, less than 7% of the population did not support Bukele’s rule, while 2.1% of survey participants did not provide a response.

Additionally, the survey showed that Bukele’s popularity has skyrocketed among young people yearning for a higher economic standard of living. In part, he cited responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, strengthening the health sector, building the country’s highway infrastructure, and implementing education reforms as some of his most notable achievements in recent years. .

Bukele said that in addition to investing heavily in cryptocurrencies, bitcoin has revamped El Salvador’s national image and helped tourism. The El Zonte beach area (also known as Bitcoin Beach) attracts a lot of Bitcoin Maxxis. For example, former Russia he was Today’s financial news host and now adviser to President Bukele such as Max and Stacey Helvett.

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Bukele gave to twitter To share the findings, stating that the survey figures could be higher given that La Prensa Grafica has previously criticized his policy.

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