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OG NFT brand, graffiti Partnering with a major US-based retailer, C.A.M.P. Store Showcasing the first-ever real-world retail and entertainment experience this summer.

CAMP is an imaginative blend of shopping and play, showcasing innovative retailers from New York, Los Angeles, Dallas and more. Each location rotates with its own theme, including Disney’s Encant, Mickey and Friends, Little Him’s Mermaid, and Nike Kids Camp.

The traditional notion that physical retail stores simply function as transactional spaces has been significantly overhauled, giving way to creating lasting relationships and emotional bonds with the masses through groundbreaking experiences. Doodles has embraced this trend wholeheartedly and embarked on a mission to attract and engage customers by showcasing great products through immersive encounters. This approach not only extends the reach of retail and entertainment brands, but also enriches the lives of a wider audience beyond the Web3 network.

A new level of doodles

Drawing inspiration from the successful strategies adopted by Disneyland and Universal Studios to attract wider audiences, Doodles and CAMP’s retail partnership will open toy stores and showcase NFT-branded characters and art in the real world. To do. When manipulating physical Doodles merchandise, individuals have a unique opportunity to become part of the digital collector’s experience, potentially drawing thousands of new users into a vital ecosystem. .

Doodles is already acclaimed for its top-notch immersive activations that blend real-world (IRL) and digital elements at cultural events around the world, but this collaboration will make IRL’s resonance more permanent and long-lasting. We aim to make it meaningful. It expresses an innovative experience that is as fleeting as it was in the past. The NFT brand will achieve these goals by launching 6,000-foot immersive experiences for children, alongside evening programs and more for adults.

The upcoming development stages of Doodles and CAMP will provide a compelling opportunity for everyone to leverage the novelty behind the iconic NFT brand. Join us on this exciting journey and stay tuned for more information.

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