Over the past seven months, I have worked with the legal team to come up with new forms of intellectual property rights. de labo — Best known for cutting-edge NFT projects. Gods and y00ts — is currently rolling out a new mysterious website. The portal takes its inspiration from Facebook’s early days, coinciding with his DeGods Season III and y00ts2 due out next month.

A cryptic DeGods website teases that community members will soon be given the unique opportunity to become official brand licensees by issuing progressive intellectual property rights to NFT owners. Said to be more of a form of “performance art” than just a “hippie ideology,” this retro-looking online portal deviates from traditional roadmap approaches and seeks to “run a community-owned brand.” It’s a radically different way of doing things. Additionally, heightening the dazzle factor of Season III is stated to be the mechanics of the female avatar and her gamified DUST token.

A glimpse into DeGods’ blockchain breakthrough

Since its launch in 2021, DeGods has surged to become one of Solana’s most valuable NFT projects last year, driving the construction of y00ts. NFT has built a community built around exclusive real-world gatherings and social interactions. One of which was an important beach meeting, allowing all the owners to let their hair down and socialize in the sun.

both DeGods and y00ts migrated from Solana Earlier this year, following a $3 million grant from Polygon Labs, DeGods switched to Ethereum mainnet and y00ts switched to Polygon, an Ethereum scaling network. With plans to move further to cross-chain, the collection will also ordinal projectbring professional Introducing DeGods NFT to Bitcoin to test future ambitions.

DeGods assets are currently available on the secondary market starting at around 7.46 ETH (approximately USD).14,590). Conversely, y00ts are obtained at approximately 1.62 ETH ($).3,174).

With DeGods Season III and y00ts2 fast approaching, mysterious online domains are just the tip of the iceberg. Clearly, DeLabs will continue to drive innovation, bring a new dimension to the world of NFTs, and promise fruitful and exclusive ventures for community members.

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