Second installation of Decentraland Metaverse Fashion Week is scheduled to take place at the end of March this year. The four-day event runs from his March 28th to his 31st and builds on last year’s successful debut. This year, however, Decentraland, brands, and other parties will try something different.

The theme of this year’s event is “Future Heritage”. Attendees can therefore witness the opening of a brand new fashion plaza focused on showcasing up-and-coming designers. The goal is to highlight and encourage collaboration between established brands and these emerging talents.

According to Giovanna Casimiro, Decentraland’s Metaverse Producer and fashion week coordinator, this “It brings more critical debate about the future of fashion.” Connect the dots between innovation, legacy and tradition.

Metaverse Fashion Week Highlights Interoperability

In addition, interoperability issues are also heavily considered. There wasn’t much collaboration between the various metaverses at the last event.However, the Decentraland developer has been working on this feature, and in this year’s metaverse his fashion his week “It demonstrates the potential for interoperability across the open metaverse, pushing the boundaries of what digital fashion means.”

Kashmir says: “One of the core values ​​of the first edition was to bring designers together and try to expand the aesthetics and possibilities of the brand.So after the first edition, we decided to traverse the metaverse.”

she continued, “When we talk about extending interoperability, we are starting to work with other universes and metaverses to create an agenda. [that’s] cross platform. ”

So far, Decentraland has collaborated with other metaverses such as Spatial and Over, the latter of which specializes in AR technology and has previously collaborated with Decentraland on cross-platform wearable design competitions.

Honor a fashion icon

The event is also a tribute to Vivienne Westwood. “Punk Queen of Fashion” In a gaming experience exploring her life.

So far, more than 30 brands have signed up for this year’s Metaverse Fashion Week. Notable names visitors can expect include Coach, DressX, The Fabricant, DKNY, Perry Ellis, Tommy Hilfiger, Dolce & Gabbana, Dundas and Adidas.

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